The Walking Dead: Season 3

A brief thought, with spoilers up until the end of Season Three.

Season three was significantly better than season two, but the writing remains shaky. Here’s an example of such:

In what I think was the season’s penultimate episode, the Governor tells his crew to kill the rest of Rick’s group, but get Michonne alive. He wants to stick her in his nice new torture chamber.

You see, Michonne really started all this. The Governor was crazy, yes, but that was mostly bubbling under the surface. Then Michonne ‘killed’ the Governor’s zombie daughter. Then stabbed the Governor in the Governor’s eye. So all these attacks, the killing, the massacre of innocents, all this can be traced back to that incident earlier in the season.

And I’d forgotten.

Most of the action in this season stems from that confrontation, and when the Governor said he wanted to torture Michonne, my first thought was ‘Oh, that’s right, she took his eye and killed his daughter. No wonder he’s angry‘. I had forgotten all about that.

A better-written show would have placed subtle reminders of that event throughout the season to add more drama to the Governor and Michonne’s potential confrontation. Foreshadowing is a powerful tool; one the Walking Dead failed to take advantage of


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