Gaming Snapshot

I put nine hours into the PS3 over the weekend, which is more gaming time than I often manage in a month. Here are some random thoughts

I’ve developed a new, goal-oriented gaming schedule in order to reduce my backlog of uncompleted titles. My play order is prioritised, at the top are games with relatively short campaigns: Uncharted 3 and Heavy Rain.

Yet, at 1am on Sunday morning, why was I driving a stolen taxi through the streets of Liberty City?

GTA IV is too big a game, too large a city, and too likely to tempt me with side-quests, to place near the top of my list. Playing it was cheating. I’d loaded it up to let a friend have a shot, but, two hours after he left, I’d taken control of Niko and was rampaging through Liberty’s streets. I wasn’t playing the games I was supposed to be. Worse, I wasn’t even advancing through the campaign—I was just dicking about.

GTA IV is magnetic. It’s a time sink. Becoming Niko Bellic kills my chances of doing anything else.

Heavy Rain is hilarious, even when it doesn’t mean to be. I don’t think there’s another game I’ve laughed at as much. Its ridiculous/brilliant ideas of what a game can be never fail to stun me, even having played Fahrenheit, developer Quantic Dream’s previous title. I’m still repeatedly stunned by the kind of tasks it expects its players to accomplish.

I changed a baby’s nappy. I wrapped someone’s wounds. I looked for a phone.

Uncharted 3 is an unbelievably good game. Its predecessor is one of the best games I’ve ever played. UC3 possibly tops it. Having just finished it, I’m too close to (relatively) objectively decide where it places on my all-time favourite games list, but I could see it usurping part two for second place (behind just Half-Life 2)

One potential downside to being behind with gaming: by the time you complete a game, its developer may have already released another title. For instance, by the time I completed Uncharted 3 I’d elevated its developer, Naughty Dog, to the level of gods. And they’ve just released their next game, The Last of Us. I’m basking in the joy of Heavy Rain, and Quantic Dream have a new game coming out in a few months. I need to lock up my wallet.


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