Gaming snapshot: Revengeance

I’ve just finished playing the demo of the brilliantly-titled Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance.

I wish I was into the Metal Gear Solid universe. I own MGS4 and used to have MGS2 (I think it was that one) for the Xbox. With both, I couldn’t get to grips with the controls and game fundamentals, quit, and never returned. I might play 4 again sometime, but probably not anytime soon.

But from what I’ve read on forums about the MSG franchise, it sounds fun. That you can choose to smoke, then get told off as it damages your health. Something about a monkey in a nappy? My few memories of MGS4 contain some hooved mechs that moo (?). This world sounds demented; I get the feeling I’d like to watch someone play through one of these games, even if I never wanted to take the controller.

So really, playing the Revengeance demo might be the closest I’ll come into an initiation into the MGS world. I enjoyed the demo, though once again I found the controls unwieldly. In tutorials, Blade Mode seemed like a good and accurate system, but it regularly went wrong in the heat of combat. I can’t blame Revengeance, I’m probably just trained by other games to do different things with the right thumbstick than this title requires.

Graphically, the game is impressive, the level of the demo being detailed and filled-out. Unfortunately, my brief journey through it felt too linear. I liked the responsiveness of my camera movements, though they seemed too slow during combat (that might have been due to my panicking and trying to move the camera with the right stick instead).

That fucking beeping. My mini-map showed where I was to travel to, but the game insisted on beeping incessantly to remind me. I CAN READ A MAP!

I laughed at dialogue, a rare occurrence with games. I’m paraphrasing here, but “a bird strapped to a rocket”, and “vending machines full of blood”, are quotes that are both funny and fit with my idea of the tone of these games.

It’s funny how you expect some conventions of games, without them giving any indication that they’ll be included. I was amazed that my character, Raiden, wasn’t able to double-jump. Why I expected this, I have no idea. But it just felt wrong that he couldn’t. I guess I have some deeply-buried gaming memory that Revengeance is bringing back to life.

I can’t get tired of the name of this game, it’s so stupid. Revengeance. Revengeance.



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