Reading Snapshot: Preacher: Dixie Fried


I’ve just finished re-reading Dixie Fried, the fifth book in the collected edition of the Preacher comics.

Dixie Fried is a good read, but feels empty and pointless. While it is technically part of Preacher’s main storyline (Jesse’s literal search for god continues via a voodoo priest in New Orleans), the narrative wanders off its central path, but not into any interesting ground. We’re introduced to Cassidy’s vengeful ex-girlfriend, but learn little about her. We’re supposed to feel sympathy for the priest, but he isn’t fleshed out well enough to connect with.

Cassidy’s love for Tulip remains unconvincing. I saw nothing in prior issues that hinted at this reveal. Perhaps this kind of foreshadowing is hard to do in comics—it’s easier to film a subtle lingering glance than to draw one, for example. And while Cassidy’s betrayal drives interesting events later in the series, I still wish it didn’t exist.


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