Preacher: War in the Sun

War in the Sun, the sixth book of the Preacher series, restores the comic to great heights after the dip it took in part five.

Whereas Dixie Fried was small-scale and ineffectual, War goes grander than ever. Wide expanses of the American West, 1800 dead, stealth bombers and tanks and planes. Big panels show the enormity of this battle and the vastness of the desert that contains it. War rights the ship, getting Preacher back to its usual level of quality and restoring the urgent narrative progression missing from Dixie Fried.

Also included in book six is a prequel showing Starr joining The Grail. Starr must be a tough character to write—dangerous and cunning enough to pose a threat to Jesse, but doomed and unfortunate enough for comedic purposes. There’s an understandable need to portray him as cold and ruthless (to allow him to rank up through The Grail), but it mostly comes at the expense of the humour we’ve become accustomed to. A good story, just one tonally different than Starr’s other appearances.


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