Unrequested Update 2

I’m reading Chasing the Sea, by Tom Bissell, a nonfiction book about Uzbekistan, and the draining of its sea. Doesn’t that sound dull? Maybe in someone else’s hands, but not Bissell’s, he can make anything interesting. Despite Chasing the Sea’s goodness, I’m keen to finish it and move on to Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower, about the events that led up to 9/11.

I’m now 2.5 episodes away from finishing season one of Homicide. I don’t have the other seasons, and this one hasn’t been good enough that I would want to. It’s an okay show, good at points, and in some ways ahead of its time. But, given my boxset backlog, a show would have to be very good for me to consider continuing with it. Next up: Rome (which I started four years ago and never got past the first two episodes, despite liking it).

This month’s subjects of interest? The fall of the Soviet Union, Christianity, and Parkour.

I think I’m very near the end of Max Payne 3 (though I’ve thought that many times before). I’m stuck at a nails-hard shootout in an airport. I’ve been fighting the feeling that Max’s experience is a dream or hallucination, but this point is the most dreamlike of all. A disembodied voice tells me there are so many things I don’t understand, civilians have disappeared, I’m increasingly the focus of fire from multiplying numbers of enemies. Yet the game remains awesome. After this, on to Resistance 3 perhaps.


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