Two Episodes In: Questions About Homeland Season Three


Homeland is in an interesting position. It continues as ostensibly a show about hunting terrorists. But most of the show’s main pieces—Carrie, Brody, Jessica, even Dana—are now removed from that hunt. The show looks like a victim of its own success, sold on its spy-thriller aspects, but with no clear way to tie many of its characters into that genre.

The show’s writers have it easier with Saul and Quinn. The pair might be investigating who blew up the CIA building, but if they weren’t, there’s always another terrorist or new threat for them stress about. Tying the other characters’ stakes into the show as it progresses will be more difficult.

What’s at stake for Carrie this season? Keeping her sanity and avoiding punishment for her conduct with Brody, by the looks of things. Where’s the endgame here? She can’t work for the CIA again, right? Right?

Brody’s on the run. A man with a famous face and no resources. Surely he’s won’t be able to prove his innocence while hiding out in the woods somewhere?

What will Jessica have to do now, just look after Dana?

Speaking of Dana, shut up, Dana. Her hit-and-run storyline of season two was apparently the idea of the show’s now deceased producer, Henry Bromell, and was seen as a blight on his legacy. I took that to mean we wouldn’t get another irritating Dana-centric story. But here we are, she slit her wrists and loves a guy and yada yada.

Homeland producer Alex Gansa has said that many of its writers wanted to kill Brody off in season two. I can see why he’s still alive—he’s the most iconic character in the show. The writers have done a lot of good and clever work with Homeland already, they should be more deserving of my trust. But I can’t help but see Homeland’s future having Carrie, Brody and Jessica all having separate and uninteresting storylines, but being kept a part of the show because they were important to its earlier success. 

I think the best thing would be for Homeland to build up newer characters, and blow up the rest.


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