Brief TV thoughts

Minor spoilers

The Walking Dead, season four, episode two

We now know that Michonne’s past involved some traumatic incident with a child, perhaps her losing a baby in a zombie attack. This point was blatantly hammered home in two separate incidents within a 10-minute span. Where’s the subtlety? Also, where’s the foreshadowing? As far as I’ve seen there have been no allusions to this is any previous episodes, and then we get hit over the head with it twice in the same episode. Did the writers just decide to force this point into the show as soon as they thought of it?

Homeland, season three, episode five

Were the writers having some fun here? Clare Danes’ character, Carrie, talked to an FBI agent. Romeo and Juliet was discussed. Were this the writers referencing that Danes played Juliet in Baz Luhrmann’s version?

Mandy Patinkin’s character, Saul, goes duck hunting with a senator. Why duck hunting? There are solid metaphorical reasons, but I like to think the writers chose the activity because Patinkin resembles this guy from the reality show Duck Dynasty:

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