My latest post is up on UKASD. It’s about going to the season-opening game for the Glasgow Rocks, Scotland’s professional basketball team. Click to read it.

I got a bit carried away with that one. It’s about 2,300 words but I expected it to be shorter. Thankfully, I won’t really discuss the quality of my writing. Because I’m about to compare myself to David Foster Wallace. I’d been reading Consider the Lobster, a collection of his non-fiction, when writing that post. I see his influence on the thoroughness of it, in the price of drinks and what music played, stuff I would normally leave out.

Not that you’d be able to tell from reading it, but that post took ages. Chunks of it were taken from an old, unfinished story about attending a Rocks game shortly after they moved to their new homecourt. Before I attended this game, I reworked that draft, leaving space to slot in the new stuff. It should have been straightforward. But I kept tinkering with it, moving stuff around only to change it back again. The final draft was more similar to the first than any subsequent versions.

I’m glad I wrote it; it’s given me more of a feel for longer posts. The post-writing process is the same as always, however. I wait eagerly to see my writing online then, as soon as it is, I feel really embarrassed and can’t bring myself to read it again.


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