Dream 1.
I was a guard, guarding…something, on a mountain side. I wore a robe, like the unnamed character in the computer game Journey.

A fellow robed man began climbing the mountain. He stepped onto the parallel layers that the comprised the mountain. These layers looked like pastry, and had spots of brown like spills of chocolate (I’d gone to bed hungry). They depressed gently with each footstep. I expected them to play musical notes, but they didn’t.

As the man reached a specific point, three blue lights triangulated on him. He froze. I was pointing one of them, and quickly lowered this deadly beam, as I’d decided he wasn’t dangerous. Some US states were responsible for one of the beams. I called out to someone I couldn’t see. They responded with the state names (which I can’t remember) and their light switched off. One beam remained. The person behind that called out that they were from Canada. I said the man was safe. The light went off.

That’s it.

Dream 2
I teamed up with a friend of mine (who’s a policeman) to steal a bag of valuable batteries from someone important who was visiting Glasgow. In a way I can’t remember, we succeeded, and rushed off through the city. I may have fought zombies.

A large box projected photos of faces onto a screen. I met Daryl from the Walking Dead and helped him open the projector and take an enormous slide out.

My accomplice and I were almost home free. The police were a few hundred-feet behind us, but hadn’t spotted us yet. I arrived at Central Station, but couldn’t see on the board the train that would take me home. I thought we should get on any train just to get away, but I couldn’t decide which one. Frozen with indecision, I gave up and headed back into town to hide in a doorway. We were caught within seconds. A decision on our punishment was quickly made. Three options were written on a board. Two involved jail time. Thankfully, the third—community service—was chosen. My policeman friend didn’t even lose his job. Then the relief wore off, and I was pretty pissed that I’d lose my weekends to thousands of hours of community service.

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