Link: new Call of Duty post on Gamesbeat

Way back in the day (2011-12), I used to write the odd gaming post for a community games-writing site called Bitmob. Business and tech site Venturebeat bought Bitmob  and renamed it Gamesbeat around the same time I lost interest in gaming, so I never wrote anything for the new site.

Until now

Back in the Bitmob days I drafted a post about Vorkuta, a great level from the otherwise humdrum 2010 Call of Duty game Black Ops, which fell into my thick pile of unfinished posts. But at the weekend I resurrected it and used it as my first Gamesbeat article.

You can read it here.

Gamesbeat’s text editor is much easier to use than Bitmob’s, and in full-screen it’s minimalist and pretty. I just wish I had control over thumbnails—in their feed the pic for my post is of a shoulder. What clickbait that is.

My standards are low (I have read my own writing after all), but I’m quite fond of the post. But what I struggled with was knowing what to leave out. I was basically telling the story of the level, making points along the way. So I felt like, if I omitted a segment, I wasn’t telling the full story. Considering the level breaks down into eight steps, it would seem weird to detail 1-4, then jump to 7. So I ended up writing 2,000 words about a single level, which is probably more than I could write about some Call of Duty games. I enjoyed writing it, it sounds more like the way I speak than most of my posts. So it’s got some voice to it, even if that voice is one no one cares to hear. Or read. Or whatever



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