Ryu and Honda

I was going through some old files and found what’s below. I vaguely remember playing Street Fighter 2 and deciding to write a scene where Ryu arrives to fight E Honda. I literally wrote this monologue and nothing else before I gave up. With nothing else to do with it, here it is.

“Puny boy. Tiny man, don’t you know who I am?”. Honda points to the dishevelled people standing behind him, watching. “These peasants? They worship me”.

He grabs a thick roll of his stomach fat. “This? A gift from my followers. Chickens, wine, potatoes. Chickens, bread”.

He grabs his bicep. “Food make warrior, meat make punches. Arms made of chickens! Minuscule man, I bring 50 of my hardest slaps to your insignificant face.  I will destroy you, though I can barely see you. Atom-sized man.  Worship at my feet. Worship me, worship E, worship Honda!”


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