Brief Thoughts on Looper

Spoilers ahead

Here are my brief and unresearched notes on Looper. I really liked this film, but I’ve just finished watching it and am still getting my head around it all.

I love Looper’s mostly subtle version of the future. In 2044, 60s fashion is back, people call their long-nosed pistols ‘gats’. It’s like the 90s again. In the rare times we see urban Kansas City, it looks futuristic, but most of Looper’s time is spent on farms and in countryside, where evidence of progress is rare. Even hoverbikes look like old motorbikes.

The only piece of futuristic design I didn’t like, was when Bruce Willis arrives in a car that looks like cross between a milk float and a golf cart.

More films need to have corn/sugar cane fields. They’re such a good setting and a useful prop for creating suspense.

I thought Cid was going to be unbearable. Even for a gifted child he was too smart for his age. If I read the numbers right Cid is five. Five?

I loved the moment where Cid fell down the stairs. Young Joe moves to grab Cid, as Sara seemingly does . But Sara instead grabs Joe and throws both of them of the door. Because, for that moment, Cid isn’t a child, he’s a bomb, and Sara knows it. Awesome.

I liked that Jesse (who is torn apart by Cid) is a decent guy. Joe respects him, even while Jesse holds a gun to Sara’s head. When he first arrives, Jesse gives off an air of menace. It was refreshing that he wasn’t just a psycho.

I also loved that Cid knew Sara wasn’t his mum. Then the reveal: she actually was. So many movies have the ‘you’re not my real mom’ friction, I liked Looper’s twist on that. Though why doesn’t Cid know this? Does Sara not want to tell him? If so, why? Or does he not believe her?

I don’t understand the end, where Cid leaves in a train cabin, because this is a memory Joe has. Though I suspected some adult we saw would be revealed as Cid/Rainmaker, there’s nothing I noticed besides that memory to suggest that person is Joe. So maybe it’s just that Joe had some multiverse memory he couldn’t see clearly? A memory he thinks is his but isn’t in first-person? Disclaimer: I’m not a smart man.

There must be someone, somewhere, classing Looper as nothing more than a Terminator rip-off. I wish pain on this person


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