Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg sits at a laptop looking over his site’s analytics. He notices a spike in traffic, one which revolves around a name: his name.

He discovers why: actor Jesse Eisenberg has been cast to play master criminal Lex Luthor in the upcoming comic-book film Batman vs Superman. Eisenberg played Zuckerberg himself in the movie Social Network. Mark is infuriated to discover so many people equating Zuckerberg with the actor that played him, and commenting that Zuckerberg becoming a villain is an understandable arc for the Facebook chief.

He’s so infuriated that he becomes a villainous master criminal.

Meanwhile, during filming, Eisenberg enjoys acting the villain. He too becomes a master criminal.

Eisenberg and Zuckerberg eventually clash, the victor gaining control over the entire globe. Mark uses all of Facebook’s power: brainwashing users and creating an army, unliking all of Jesse’s posts  (he also builds a supercomputer that turns a woman into a robot). Eisenberg uses his Hollywood contacts to assemble a film star super-team (headed by Campbell Scott, who co-starred with Jesse in Roger Dodger). They battle, techpower versus stardom, atop the Hollywood sign. Whoever wins, we lose.


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