First episodes: Hannibal

For some reason I’ve decided to watch the first episodes of a number of shows, knowing the chances of me watching any more are slim. Here are very brief thoughts on episode one of Hannibal:

Hugh Dancy overacts. On every single line.

One of the reasons I may never make it past the first episode: I struggle to understand what Mads Mikkelsen (Lector) is saying

For a show about a criminal profiler with emotional issues, Hannibal manages to avoid a number of cliche…potholes (in this episode at least)

I love the show’s look. One reason I never took to Fringe was because of how cold it looked. Hannibal can get away with it, because it’s a show about murder and cannibalism

I loved the time-lapse exterior shots, which create a sense of dread

There was strong imagery: a girl impaled on antlers, Will covered in blood

Will mentioned going to a lecture. The pun lover inside me screamed “Hannibal Lecture” and hoped Will would make such a quip, which would be totally against the tone of the show

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