The Lost Rewatch: Episode 1.3 – Tabula Rasa

Brief thoughts as I slowly work my way through the show again:

A rather dull episode. I don’t think Evangeline Lilly is a bad actress (as many do) but she isn’t magnetic either, so her flashbacks aren’t particularly interesting.

Kate has a flashback. We come back to the present for about 30 seconds before another flashback begins. Admittedly, the second one was just to show the marshal getting his head cracked before the crash (which we’d already seen in the last episode). That smelled like studio interference, them not trusting us to remember what happened last week

Knowing how the show progresses, it’s surprising how some characters are portrayed. Kate’s a murderer, Sawyer’s unrealistically selfish (which only gets worse as this season continues), Locke’s a potential child molester. The episode’s final shot is a terrifying one of him scowling as he watches his new friend Walt playing with his dog. Creepy.

Why did that farmer have to have a fake arm? Kate trying to help him, and his arm falling off, was funny, which wasn’t the intention

The marshal pulling up beside the vehicle Kate was in and making a gun sign, what’s the deal with that? That was unrealistic (I know Lost is a show with a smoke monster, but humans should still act like humans). And why did both continue driving? Was the marshal just going to escort Kate before arresting her?

The whole crash and escape was stupid too. Kate didn’t steer the car hard enough for it to turn and flip like that. And how far away could the marshal have possibly been that he couldn’t catch Kate while she dragged that farmer guy from the car? Maybe the marshal didn’t know where the truck landed. It was on fire, it should’ve been easy enough to find. The marshal captures Kate and says something like “And you almost got away?”. Really? There was nothing around but hill and fields. Where was she going to hide?

Only the best shows can get away with a sudden, drastic tone change. We get the bleakness of Sawyer failing to kill the marshal and the marshal now dying a slow death. Cut to Hurley saying “Dude” and “Whoa” and other Hurleyish things. Humour immediately after a failed killing setting up an agonising death, yet neither affected by the other. Nice


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