New Post—on the NBA’s Detroit Pistons

I’ve posted on Medium again, this time about the 2004 champion Detroit Pistons, and how they don’t get the credit they deserve. Yes, a complete homer of a piece. You can read it here.

This was actually an old post that was supposed run elsewhere but never did. I tidied it up a wee bit but, to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered doing too much to it. Writing that was a time and a place for me. I still wanted it published online somewhere, but more to get it out of my system that any sort of pride (although I am of course linking to it).

I’m glad that I tried to write some present tense, in-the-moment, sports stuff. Sure, it came out overdone and melodramatic, but at least I tried. I could never get the quiet mood in my head that I wanted for the final paragraph into words but, again, I tried.

I miss the hell out of that team and that period of basketball. I miss Detroit’s announcer, Mason, and his ‘Buhbuhbuh Ben…Wallace!’ calls. I miss chants of ‘Dee-troit bas-ketball’ and watching Tayshaun chase down a layup and watching this team never crack under pressure. I tried to pattern my game after Rip’s (and failed miserably), I bought a stack of Pistons’ DVDs on Ebay and the official championship book. I bought two Ben Wallace and one Rip Hamilton jerseys. That would never make it into my post, it was long enough already.


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