New Post—On Lost

I’ve wanted to write something for mylostmoment, and finally got around to finishing a post a few days ago. Click here to read it.

A lot of Lost fans are scary. One thing that put me off that site was reading people saying how life-changing the show was and how they cried at every episode and rewatch it every year and go to reunions and dress up as characters for Lost-themed parties. Lost is probably my all-time favourite show, but I can recognise it’s weaknesses. It was great entertainment, but I’m not a different person because of it. I wanted to take that more sensible evaluation of the show into account when writing my post. I still managed to get carried away.

Maybe the site’s enthusiasm is contagious, but my post, in hindsight, is a bit overdramatic. Still, I wanted to write something about Lost that wasn’t just a brief episode recap, and I did.

I am the smoke monster.

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