Unrequested Update: September


Consolations of the Forest, by Sylvain Tesson, which is the diary of a Frenchman who lived alone in a forest for six months, and is just as pretentious as you’d expect it to be.

What Do You Care What Other People Think, by Richard Feynman. I despise the name of this book, but love everything else about it. I knew little of Feynman before starting this. What a fascinating guy.

This month I’ve been attempting a No Complaint Experiment. After a few days I felt lighter and more positive. Then all the sour hatred I’d been saving up came pouring out. I redefined my definition of ‘complaint’ to try to stick to my goal. The venom continued to pour forth. It may be receding now, but at the moment it’s hard to tell.

I’ve resumed playing Failure Games.

I bought a second-hand Fitbit Flex from CEX. It didn’t come with a Bluetooth dongle, which apparently you need to set it up, even if you never need to use it again (I’ll be syncing it with an iPhone). This didn’t help my No Complaint Experiment.

I’ve done a little meditating, and I like the effect it’s having.

I’ve been running barefoot, briefly. My feet feel amazing afterwards.

I want to create a Zen Garden. Again.

Next months I begin experimenting with arm exercises and heavy protein doses, and smart drugs.

I’m away to bed.


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