Unrequested Update: October

I’m reading Catch Me if You Can (the book that inspired the DiCaprio/Hanks film). I remember little of the film. The book is blowing my mind. I’ll probably explain more later.
I’m slowly nearing the end of Being Human, Karl Urban’s unfortunately-cancelled future-cop action-drama-buddy cop show.
My heart weeps every time I remember I only have six more episodes of Boardwalk Empire to watch.
I’m measuring my ability to calculate and concentrate every day now, in preparation for an experiment in November. I’m using the Android apps Math Workout and Lumosity. My results haven’t been too depressing so far.
Tonight I take my one (and perhaps only) Parkour class.
I’ve become obsessed with becoming an autodidcact (a self-taught person). Futurelearn, Coursera etc offer so much. Too much, in my case, as I can’t decide what I want to learn about, so I take on too much and end up half-assing many courses and finishing none. The key to learning, with all these amazing, free resources at my fingertips, is patience. If there’s a course I want to do, but I’m already doing another, I need to remember that the course will come back around again.
I’m moving away from t-shirts with logos to plain ones. Combine that with my continuing search for a pair of boots, and it’s evident I am middle-aged.
I want to be outdoorsy. I want to chop wood and make a fire. Maybe pitch a tent. But not kill an animal.


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