I was reading on Vice.com about Stanford Uni’s software that can—and I still find this incredible—identify the content of a photo. It recognises, say, bikes or pizza. Which is amazing.

The article contains the following:

Given a photo of a baby and its mother playing with blocks, for example, the Stanford researchers’ neural network described the scene as, “Two young girls are playing with legos [sic] toy.” Close, but no e-cigar.

When the same photo was given to real people to caption on Mechanical Turk, Amazon’s crowdsourced labour platform, the baby and its mother were correctly identified.

Read the second paragraph again. Mechanical Turk is people. The writer feels the need to point out that humans can recognise a baby and its mother. That really isn’t news. That fact is so obvious it doesn’t need mentioned. The writer’s wasted my time by typing it. And I’ve just wasted yours.



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