Dream 05/01

For some reason reading Grant Morrison’s Batman comics have caused me to have weird dreams.

I was walking through town with some friends. A group of teenagers were walking towards us. One of them, a girl, walked into my friend. He wasn’t pleased. The girl started running her mouth and threatening to hit my friend with a bottle (which was a plastic Lilt bottle). I took the bottle off her and hit her with it. Her friend, a small boy, stepped in.

Then the scene changed and we were all standing in the doorway of my house. The boy started giving me cheek. I started hitting him (apparently in my dreams I’m a horrible person). I beat him so bad he turned into a leaf (I do not take drugs). It was then that I started to feel bad, and tried to talk the boy out of, well, being a leaf. But even in his leaf state he was still slagging me.

Then everyone else disappeared, leaving just me and leaf boy. I went into my kitchen. He grew back to human form, grabbed a starfish made of jigsaw pieces, and ran out my back door. I gave chase as the star was very important to my new film, Interstellar (I’m not sure when I became Christopher Nolan).

Then I was back in town again, chasing the boy up the street. And, unfortunately, that’s where my memory of the dream ends.


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