Brief Film Thoughts

Spoilers for Godzilla and 22 Jump St

Godzilla (2014)
Godzilla is an oddly unfocused film. Bryan Cranston’s Joe is the protagonist, then it’s his son, but much of the emotional weight centres around Ken Watanabe’s Dr Ishiuro. And despite saving the world, Godzilla isn’t much of a star of his own film (he should talk to his agent). The Muto (the ‘bad’ monsters) are a bigger part of the story than ‘zilla is. Perhaps it’s commendable that a big-budget action movie doesn’t just focus on one person, but I got the sense that the film wasn’t quite sure what it wanted to be

22 Jump St
21 Jump St leaned too heavily on awkward conversation for much of its laughs. 22 spends too much time on how the relationship between its two stars is more like a couple than friends. Those are about the only faults I can find with these films. 22 was great fun, stupid but never slapstick, absurd but rarely too self-indulgent.

My favourite moments:
1) Schmidt vs Mercedes. Sexual
2) Tripping
3) Schmidt vs Octopus
4) Jenko’s attempt at a Latino accent sounding more like Borat


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