Friday Links: 23rd May 2016

Despite planning on showing restraint, I bought a number of books recently:

The Boys from Brazil
The Man in the High Castle
Cesar’s Way (and I don’t even have a dog)

I also bought a few school Standard Grade and Higher level textbooks on chemistry, physics, and maths. It’s a bit of a kick in the nuts realising I don’t understand stuff now that I did 20 years ago. But I’ve tried to put ego aside and go back to basics.

Other reading:

I know I’m years late to this, but I plan to soon read Blake Master’s notes from Peter Thiel’s class. I’ve now dumped them all into a Google Doc. After some formatting I’ll fire them onto the Kindle and hope they don’t look terrible. The easier option would be to Thiel and Masters’ book, Zero to One. But apparently there’s a lot of worthwhile stuff that the book leaves out.


I was surprised to hear so little praise for this great interview: Eric Weinstein on the Tim Ferriss Podcast

I’d probably be better linking to it once all the videos are up, but Chase Jarvis’ interview series 30 Days of Genius is tremendous.

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