Friday Links: 10th June 2016



The Sleep Revolution, by Arianna Huffington
Waking Up, by Sam Harris


Flying cars and Larry Page
Nassim Taleb’s online notebook

Recently I’ve been trying to follow Naval Ravikant’s advice, and treat blogs with the same respect that I give to books. With that in mind I installed GReader on my phone, and set up a blog reading list on For the moment, here are the sites I now subscribe to:

Ryan Holiday’s blog
Mark Cuban’s blog
Venture Hacks
Marginal Revolution
Melting Asphalt

I’m still trying to find a Goldilocks Level with these subscriptions. I’m going to give these blogs time, but nowhere near as much as books. So I don’t want to subscribe to someone who blogs a lot, because I won’t keep up. Then I’ll feel like I’m missing too much, and stop reading. But alternatively, people like Cuban don’t post that much (he might be a wee bit busy being a billionaire and NBA team owner), and Venture Hacks seems to be dead, so I’ll be caught up on those sites soon. An ideal middle ground of just enough content is much more likely to motivate me to put down the book and pick up the phone (which still sounds like an awful thing to do).


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