Films Thoughts: Olympus Has Fallen

The Cerberus hack wasn’t well explained:

“We really need the three codes. All three of them. Three. We’ll torture and kill until we get all three.

“Okay, we’ve got two. That’ll do, the computer can do the rest”

The US government stop Cerberus by getting a deactivation code. But Cerebrus was a deactivation code. So they deactivated a deactivation with a deactivation code. Hollywood is so negative sometimes

A surprisingly solid cast. Although I wouldn’t go as far as calling them an ‘epic ensemble’, as one of the film’s special features does

I saw this film’s sequel, London Has Fallen, first (I realise that’s offensive and wrong). The sequel has some shaky, PlayStation 2-era effects. I put that down to budget cuts, and so expected the original to look better. Lol. The money must’ve been spent on the cast and practical effects, with little left to the digital

As the attack begins, Banning hears aircraft rumbling and looks out his window and down the street. In the distance he sees a gunship moving in. That scene would’ve been much cooler if the aircraft flew right past his window, close enough that he could see the pilot. So why didn’t that happen? To avoid using shoddy effects? That didn’t stop them anywhere else

I rarely notice foreshadowing, but, when Banning talked to the president’s son about the White House’s secret passageways, I knew that topic would be relevant later. The payoff wasn’t worth the expectation. I thought the boy would somehow be involved in taking down enemy soldiers by using those tunnels, or that Banning would frequently use them to gain an advantage, or US troops would sneak in through them. But those passageways briefly served a purpose and then were never useful again.

A sequel in which Donald Trump uses secret tunnels to sneak into the White House and tries to run the country, hoping nobofdy notices


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