Friday Links: 30th September


I’ve just started Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom. The author got some publicity recently when Elon Musk publicised Bostrom’s theory that we’re probably living in a simulation. Not sure whether that’s covered in the book or not. Nevertheless, a good, at times tough, read so far.

Books set in the Homeland universe: Carrie’s Run, and Saul’s Game, both by Andrew Kaplan. I know, I’d normally turn my nose up at novels based around a TV show too. And I’m not that interested in Homeland as an entity anymore. But both books are well reviewed (although the bar might be set quite low), I need something to read in bed at night that I don’t need to think too much about, and they were £1 each (Poundworld, holla).

I continue to be obsessed with This week it’s the post about Space X’s announcement about colonising Mars (naughty words ahead), and this one on the Fermi Paradox

Other shizzle:
Sam Harris’ TED Talk about AI

For the third or fourth time, I listened to Radiolab on DNA editing with Crispr. This time I’m thinking about something they only touch on relatively briefly — the idea of a real Jurassic Park becoming more plausible



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