Friday Links: 7th October


Found out this week that Dances with Wolves author Michael Blake died last year. I’m not a fan (I haven’t seen the film, never mind read the book). But I enjoyed his interview in a book I revisit occasionally, Oscar-Winning Screenwriters on Screenwriting, so I’ve returned to it.

As I’ve been geeking out on space stuff recently, I’m about to re-read one of my favourite articles of all time, A Comet’s Tale, by Tom Bissell.

(Also, here’s Elon Musk announcing Space X’s schedule for sending people to Mars by 2025. Yes, that)


I listened to #wethepeoplelive (terrible name) to hear drunken comedian Hannibal Buress blow up at author Sam Harriss as they discuss. I stayed for rest, an enjoyable interview (also featuring Joe Rogan)

A pretty thorough collection of hip-hop diss tracks (Spotify link)



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