Friday Links: 14th October


About to start reading The Straight-A Conspiracy, by Hunter Maats and Katie O’Brien (yes, it is aimed at teenagers. Yes, I am not one of them. Shut up).

Finished reading Think Like An Engineer, by Guru Madhavan. A little disappointed. The writing is a bit ADD — too much switching between topics to keep the reader interested (a la Smartcuts, by Shane Snow). I didn’t learn as much about engineering concepts as I wanted. Plenty of terms are used and emphasised, but not clearly explained.

Obama’s essay from an issue of Wired he guest-edited (I’m cynical about how much was truly him, but whatever)

You generally have to be mental to think you can succeed in the restaurant business. Particularly in NYC

What my current Amazon wishlist looks like (edited to remove Kindle and second-hand books for simplicity, in case my parents use it to buy my Christmas presents)



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