Friday Links: 21/04/17

Front Officers

My fascination this week has been with executives of professional sports teams (mostly NBA). Here’s what I’ve been ingesting on the topic:

  • I linked to this last week, but this profile of NBA General Manager, Sam Presti
  • This one on former, probably future, exec, Sam Hinkie
  • Podcast with Joe Dumars
  • Podcast with Bob Myers
  • Podcast with Daryl Morey
  • One book recommendation I received was about baseball exec Art Rooney, in the badly-titled book, Ruanaidh (pronounced ‘Rooney’)
  • One book I have read and now want to read again, is the excellent Moneyball

Other books:

  • Finished reading Philip K Dick’s Minority Report. It’s even better than I remembered. It’s worth mentioning that you could be easily mislead here. Minority Report is actually just one of a number of short stories in here. Every story is good, particularly the Terminatory, A Second Variety.
  • Received Soldier Spy, which I knew nothing of, but am looking forward to reading
  • Realised yesterday that my local library has The Man Without a Face, about Vladimir Putin. Be reading that soon

Online reading:


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