Friday Links: 21st July 2017


  • Radiolab’s first episode about the history and potential future of gene-editing tool CRISPR is probably my favourite podcast ever. The sequel isn’t quite as engaging (probably because I’m now familiar with the topic), but a great listen nevertheless
  • I think The Rubin Report might now make my list of regular listens. Eric Weinstein is always worth your time
  • The other Weinstein brother, Bret, was on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently. A university professor, Bret was recently accused of being racist in ridiculous circumstances. Rogan is barely to reply sometimes, staggered as he is by some of Weinstein’s stories


  • The 1992 US Olympic basketball team, aka The Dream Team, is/are widely considered the greatest basketball team ever. And now every one of their games are fully, legally available.

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