Carrie On Spying: On Homeland Season Six

Spoilers for Homeland Season 6

Every season of Homeland I expect will be my last. For the first few episodes I’m uninterested, on my phone instead of in the episode. Every year I think the ‘Carrie is mentally ill and a loose cannon but go she’s good at her job so we’ll let her away with it and perhaps give her more authority’ shtick has been stretched as far as possible. Yet by the middle of every season, I’m on-board and enjoying the show. Season six was no different. Dull at the beginning, 24 by the end, but enjoyable in between

One of my favourite moments was when Carrie had her first meeting with the woman from child services, when I realised that woman was us. It was like a viewer being plucked off their couch and transported into their TV to interact with the characters. The audience getting their chance to say to Carrie, ‘You’re supposed to be smart, but you do a lot of stupid shit. You left your daughter with a dangerously unstable man. What goes through your head sometimes?’

You could make a short GIF of many of Quinn’s moments and make fun of it, but Rupert Friend did well in a tough role, making Quinn’s problems believable

I enjoyed, and didn’t expect, Keane’s turn from Hillary Clinton, to Trump, to Erdogan

I didn’t enjoy, or believe, the ridiculous 24-esque homegrown terror attack on the president. But it was worth it to set up her heel turn in the finale

Quinn must’ve been really off his game to spend so much time in that house and not notice all the explosives

Whenever Max turns up, I can’t help but think that the show tried to get Virgil, but he was too busy

O’Keefe was too obviously Alex Jones. The obvious similarity made his scenes distracting. And his voice was annoying

The American public responded too harshly to the ‘reveal’ that Keane’s son was a coward. She didn’t specificallt use his death in the campaign, yet average citizens go demented once they see that video, even though Keane remains the mother of a murdered soldier?

Around season two or three of the show, Homeland leaned heavily on making every single character suspicious. Outside of Dar, they then lightened up on the paranoia. But this season it returned — everyone was dodgy. I go back and forth on how I feel about it. Sometimes, I think the show is trying to provoke a spy mindset in its viewers, that constant sense that you can’t trust anyone. Other times I think it’s a cheap trick to engage the audience

RIP Quinn. A sign that you enjoy a character is when you realise they’ve nowhere to go, that the show can no longer use them, but you still want them to survive. Ol’ Petey joined that list.

When Quinn shot the protester outside Carrie’s house, he hit him in the shoulder, the ‘safe space’ as he referred to it, meaning an area of impact that would harm but not kill. When Quinn first got shot, he got hit in that very same place. I thought the show was giving him an out after all. Until another few dozen shots hit him everywhere else. Farewell, Friend


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