Friday Links: 18th August 2017


Read: The Undoing Project. A phenomenal book, the best thing I’ve read in a long time


Bought: Jump Attack

Potential next buys:

My bedside unit is full of books I’m slowly working through simultaneously. I like choice, but this is a bit much. Time to cull.


Listened to two great ones this week:



My interests always follow a similar pattern: I get hotly, intensely into something and think about devoting all my time to it. Three weeks later, it’s forgotten. So I thought it might be useful for me to record my new interests here and see how many I burn through over, say, a year. This week’s subject – all things Jewish. Some of The Undoing Project takes place in Israel. Maybe, in some weird way, to continue to cling to a book I loved, I’ve become intrigued with the culture that’s an important part of its characters. I only finished reading it yesterday. Already I’ve checked the cost of flights to Israel, started a Google Doc of my favourite Yiddish slang (from the page linked above), searched for Jewish food shops, made plans to visit a synagogue, and considered interviewing a rabbi.




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