Friday Links: 21/04/17

Front Officers

My fascination this week has been with executives of professional sports teams (mostly NBA). Here’s what I’ve been ingesting on the topic:

  • I linked to this last week, but this profile of NBA General Manager, Sam Presti
  • This one on former, probably future, exec, Sam Hinkie
  • Podcast with Joe Dumars
  • Podcast with Bob Myers
  • Podcast with Daryl Morey
  • One book recommendation I received was about baseball exec Art Rooney, in the badly-titled book, Ruanaidh (pronounced ‘Rooney’)
  • One book I have read and now want to read again, is the excellent Moneyball

Other books:

  • Finished reading Philip K Dick’s Minority Report. It’s even better than I remembered. It’s worth mentioning that you could be easily mislead here. Minority Report is actually just one of a number of short stories in here. Every story is good, particularly the Terminatory, A Second Variety.
  • Received Soldier Spy, which I knew nothing of, but am looking forward to reading
  • Realised yesterday that my local library has The Man Without a Face, about Vladimir Putin. Be reading that soon

Online reading:

Friday Links: 14th April 2017


I’m currently in love with How I Built This. I can’t usually get behind NPR’s compressed-stories-and-soundbite style, and prefer a more drawn-out conversation (like the Tim Ferriss show). But HIBT is more towards the middle of that spectrum. Episodes are 35-45 minutes, long enough to get to know the interviewee, while still feeling like a more digestible chunk of time. So far I’ve listened to NBA owner Mark Cuban; the founders of Zumba and Vice,  the man behind the US success of Power Rangers, and Richard Branson. All very good episodes.

Tim Ferriss’ interview with John Crowley is an emotional rollercoaster. Crowley is hugely inspiring.

Online reading:

My New Podcast – People of Glasgow

After a long time in gestation, last week I finally launched my new podcast. People of Glasgow is a series of interviews with, yes, the people of Glasgow. Every episode will be with a different guest and about a different topic.

Episode 1 is with entrepreneur, personal trainer, and former professional basketball player, Scott Russell. Episode 2 is with film-maker Graham Hughes.

If you want to check it out, the website is
On iTunes (or just search for ‘People of Glasgow’)
And on Soundcloud


Friday Links: 7th April 2017


Structures, by J.E. Gordon

One of my recent fascinations is with Charlie Munger’s idea of developing a matrix of Mental Models. One aspect of doing so is learning the basics from a number of fields. At the moment, that means four things for me:

  1. Buying textbooks
  2. Buying those crappy-looking, I’ll buy this for Jim for Christmas because I’ve no idea what else to get him but I heard he likes science books. They might be badly-designed and childish. That doesn’t mean they’re not a cheap source of fundamental knowledge
  3. Putting my ego aside and accepting that I can learn from them
  4. Actually reading them instead of stockpiling them

My recent purchases fit into #2:




Friday Links: 31st March 2017


Just finished reading Elon Musk (a good read, and one which made me feel like my life and ideas are tiny and I have no balls. Which is always a blast)

Bought: for the first time in forever, Amazon’s cheap ebook recommendations were personally relevant. Bear in mind the books should be full price by the time you read this. So I bought:

All that for £4.56? Boom


Friday Links: March 17th 2017



Also finished When Breath Becomes Air (which I’ll probably mini-post about soon).


  1. New Yorker profile of Mr Money Mustache (as a Brit, that spelling of ‘moustache’ still gets up my nose (boom boom)
  2. NBA player Joel Embiid’s movement patterns mean he’s a physical disaster waiting to happen
  3. (More NBA) Out of desperation, how the ’96 Dallas Mavericks predicted modern NBA strategy
  4. Jocko Willink profile (and his subsequent corrections)
  5. Video – the economics of airline travel

Friday Links: 10th March 2017

Video: Tim Ferriss on how to be (more) productive 

Book: reading When Breath Becomes Air

Online: been reading a lot via Pocket (great app), and loving me some Farnam Street: